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We're tenacious and courageous with a pathological need to please.

About Us

Big Thinkers

Inspiring our company are our Leadership Team. Passionate and ethical, they drive innovation and thought leadership throughout Gray Dawes Group and the wider travel and events industries in which we operate.

Not happy just improving our company, they are visionary thinkers and problems solvers. Led by our CEO, Suzanne Horner, the Senior Team actively seek out new initiatives to make our clients’ travel experience better, be it for business or pleasure.

Who We Are

We aim to delight our clients at every opportunity. Going the extra mile, all the time, to deliver ‘better’.

At the heart of everything we do are our people. We don’t just mean just our employees, but our clients and suppliers too.

At Gray Dawes Group we strive to create an environment which recognises the need for a work/life balance. That goes for our own staff and our clients too.

By providing them with better travel management, they’re able to achieve and enjoy what they need to; working flexibly, whether in the office, at home or around the globe.


Global Offices



Our History

Gray Dawes Group are proud to be one of the leading Travel Management Companies in the UK. First established in 1865 by Scottish Entrepreneur Archibald Gray and partner Edwin Sandys Dawes, the company is now owned by the Inchcape family.

From our beginnings as a shipping company to the first commercial flight from London to Cairo, our journey has continued through the years and we now employ over 300 happy team members. We really do pride ourselves on our history and heritage. We are still family-owned with our values at the heart of everything we do.

Our Values


Be Your Best Self

We celebrate individuality and love our people to feel comfortable to be their true selves, wherever they work and whatever they do. Doing your best, day in day out matters. We don’t do mediocre. We realise everyone’s best is different and work together to help you find yours.


Do The Right Thing

We have, and always will be a family business. We care about each other, our customers, our local communities and the planet. We consider these groups in all the decisions we make.



Tell It Like It Is

We talk to each other like we do our friends and family. Being honest, open and not pulling any punches. We celebrate, learn and tackle problems together.


Be Flexible

Travel and events are ever changing worlds. We don’t do off the shelf for our customers, we go above and beyond. This means our people also aren’t off the shelf and move with us.

Featured Services

Business Travel

Save Money

We present ten compelling reasons as to why a travel management company (TMC) like ours can save you money (and time) on your business travel.

Meetings & Events

Group Travel

Knowing all the hottest global locations is one thing, having the tools to get you there is another. We can do both with our group travel event services.

Luxury Leisure


Gray Dawes Holidays offers the experience of escaping from the hustle and bustle and relaxing in beautiful, secluded locations around the world.

Let's Talk

Have someone in mind? Do you know someone who could thrive in the Gray Dawes environment? Let us know and, if they work out, you could be going shopping! Email our HR Team today or fill in the form.