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help each other return to work safely


Keep noise and distractions to a minimum…

  • Personal mobile phones should be on silent and in your drawer or bag
  • Don’t have loud conversations across the desk to your colleagues.


Be tidy…

  • Put all rubbish in the kitchen bin, not on the desk.
  • No photo’s, folders, trays or personal items on desks – “Don’t bring it in if you can’t carry it home”
  • Don’t keep paper on the desk – “Think before you print
  • Stationary cupboards to be kept tidy and when running low tell the relevant person.
  • Valuable company items i.e. TADA’s to be locked in storage cupboards.


Respect one another’s space…

  • Keep drawer use to a minimum and avoid storing food.
  • Coats should be hung on coat racks, not on the back of chairs
  • Don’t use window ledges


Be considerate…

  • Its everyone’s responsibility to ensure a clean working environment.
  • White boards should be kept up to date or used and cleaned.
  • No eating at desks, snacks permitted.


Be environmentally Friendly…

  • Store on the drive to encourage people to save rather than print.
  • No bins in the office other than the kitchen bin and recycling bins.


Be positive & smile ?





Keep Clean…

  • Rota in place to clean the kitchen, fridge or dishwasher (Office dependant)
  • Everyone is responsible for clearing up after themselves and to ensure the kitchen area is left tidy.
  • Never leave your plates/cups in the sink – wash up or put them in the dishwasher.


Be responsible…

  • Throw away any out of date food items in the fridge.
  • Let the office champion know if stock is running low i.e. Milk, tea, coffee
  • Ensure the bin is emptied if overfull




Entering the office….

  • Use hand sanitiser when entering the office and regularly during the day.
  • Wipe your desk area before sitting down.
  • Ensure you keep to your allocated desk and do not use a desk that has been restricted.
  • Do not enter the office if you haven’t booked in first.


Don’t come to work sick….

  • Never come into the office if you have been told to self-isolate or if you have needed to take a test. You need to wait for the results.


Whilst in the office….

  • Ensure you follow the Government distancing guidelines
  • Follow capacity guidelines when using all areas – signs are there to remind you
  • Boardroom use should be restricted to groups of six people
  • Avoid face to face meetings – use Teams
  • Do not share cups, plates etc or keep food in the fridge for longer than a day
  • If there are capacity issues in the kitchen and you need to eat elsewhere don’t bring strong smelling food into the office area. Boardrooms and other areas can be utilised to allow for suitable distancing during lunch.


Leave the office if you start to experience any symptoms.