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Musical Trivia

1. In what year did Elvis Presley die?

2. What is this musical symbol called?

3. Les Misérables is the West End’s longest running musical. In which year did it arrive in London?

4. Rockstar David Howell Evans is better known by what name?

5. From lowest string to highest, what is the tuning of a standard violin?

6. In which year did Bryan Adams spend a record-breaking 16 weeks at Number 1 with (Everything I Do) I Do It For You?

7. Mozart and Beethoven never met. True or False?

8. Which rock band didn’t believe in Peter Pan, Frankenstein or Superman?

9. In which year did the Spice Girls release ‘Wannabe’?

10. What famous tune does this sheet music show?

11. Name this instrument?

12. Which English county do Supergrass and Radiohead have in common?

13. Who was the youngest Beatle?

14. What was Lady GaGa’s first Number 1 hit?

15. Which British band had a a hit with ‘Fool’s Gold’?

16. A typical symphony orchestra consists of four groups of related musical instruments. Can you name them?

17. What was the name of Jonny Cash’s backing band throughout his career?

18. How many black keys does a standard piano have?

19. Who has had the most UK number 1 singles: Cliff Richard or Madonna?

20. What is the more common name for an empty orchestra?


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